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I always have been passionate about creativity and arts, starting from my former elementary school in Venezuela in which I learned about theatre, music, wood/metal crafting, painting and drawing.

Later, I ended up in a “creative department” and I fell in love with the world of advertising, the understanding of the power of words and the creative concept. At the same time I studied  marketing and advertising. This opened the door to a whole new world. So I saw myself fitting into global agencies like Leo Burnett and McCann-Erickson, always surrounded by very talented and brilliant people handling mayor brands in many different countries of Latin America and earning some shiny awards along the way. It was really fun. Thanks to all of that, I worked my way up to Chief Creative Director.

Nevertheless, at the turn of the Century, I decided to start a new journey that would bring me closer to my true passion: “Storytelling”. So I stepped into the Venezuelan cinematography industry, having the wonderful chance to be part of three successful international awarded feature films.

In the meanwhile I started to write, produce and direct my first short, which fortunately take me to Cannes, France. There, I participated  in some enriching workshops and masterclasses in screenwriting and Directing, while screening that very first Shortfilm at the Cannes Short film Corner during its 65th edition.

Since then, I have been active bringing to life relevant content in every possible platform: Short Films, Vfx for awarded Feature Films, Ads, Musical Plays for famous singers, Virtual Reality brand experiences, Tv image packages, Reality shows for web content.  Always curious about how technology pushes our industry and the way we tell stories.

For me this has been a nonstop career with many wonderful moments, working for global brands and great clients. My works have been featured at mayor festivals of the audiovisual industry in USA, Latin America and Europe. From Cannes Lions to New York Festivals. Being the most relevant, the project called “The Unforgettable Account” which won the first Lion for my country in the Film Category at the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Definitively, the learning is at every corner, and I coming for more.

As a film Director I have a keen eye for capturing the essence within the complexity of human nature and translating it into film. That’s the fabric of my stories. That, combined with my seasoned knowledge earned through years within the marketing, entertainment and film industries, is what I can offer you to tell the story of your brand or what your project needs.